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Broome Hearing

Access and inclusion

The Broome Hearing of the Royal Commission focused on care in remote areas, unique care needs of Indigenous Australians and issues of access and inclusion.

Date: 17 June – 19 June 2019 
Location: Broome Civic Centre, Jimmy Chi Hall, 27 Weld Street, Broome, WA 6725
Time: 9:30am local time

    The hearing commenced at 10am (AEST) on Monday, 17 June 2019. It can be viewed through the Royal Commission's YouTube channel.

    The Royal Commission inquired into:

    • the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people when it comes to aged care services
    • the perspective and experience of people who access aged care in remote areas including family members and carers
    • the nature and scope of aged care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote areas
    • the barriers to accessing aged care services for people living in remote areas
    • the challenges of maintaining an adequately skilled and culturally appropriate workforce
    • good practice care models for people living in remote areas.

    Further information

    • The Broome Hearing closed on Wednesday 19 June 2019.
    • Applications for leave to appear at the public hearing closed 5pm (ACST) on Thursday 6 June 2019.
    • Exhibit documents relating to this hearing have been published on the this page.
    • Transcripts and a Witness list are available for all days of the hearing.

    Content Warning: Please be aware that images and descriptions contained within exhibits tendered at hearings of the Royal Commission and public submissions published on this website could be confronting to some.



    To see a full list of all exhibits tendered to the Royal Commission please visit the Document Library.


    The Royal Commission will publish its reports and other papers as they become available.  A range of research papers, background papers and related publications are also available.