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Public submissions referred to by Counsel Assisting

These submissions were referenced during the Final Hearing of the Royal Commission, on 22-23 October 2020. They are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them. Not all submissions have been published, and some include redactions.

The Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission.

Date Submitted by Document
Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) AWF.680.00056.0001
Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) AWF.001.04299.01
Anonymous AWF.001.00464
Anonymous AWF.001.01640
Anonymous AWF.250.01433
Anonymous AWF.001.00699 (1 of 2) AWF.001.00699
Anonymous AWF.001.00699 (2 of 2) AWF.001.00699.02
Australian Digital Health Agency AWF.500.00298.0002
Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association AWF.001.01824.01
Australian Lawyers Alliance AWF.001.04068.01
Beale AO, Roger (Mr) AWF.600.02422.0001
Beyond Blue AWF.001.04302.01
Burgess, Mary - Public Advocate Queensland AWF.600.00946.0001
COTA Australia AWF.680.00058.0001
Elder Law Legal Services AWF.500.00207.0001
Elder Law Legal Services AWF.500.00207.0002_0004_E
Estia Health AWF.680.00048.0001
Grattan Institute AWF.680.00043.0001
Horgan, Kay AWF.001.04058
Lathrop, Felicity Ann (Ms) AWF.001.04977
Liava'a, Sharon (Ms) AWF.001.04939
Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN) AWF.001.04348.01
Multiple Sclerosis Australia AWF.001.02000.01
Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria) AWF.600.01348.0001
Professor Judy Lowthian and Associate Professor Rajna Ogrin, Bolton Clarke AWF.001.05400.00
Regis Healthcare AWF.680.00052.0001
SA Health AWF.665.00025.0002
Samuela, V AWF.001.01485
Simpson, John Priestley AWF.001.02459
Taylor, Karen (1 of 4) AWF.001.01453
Taylor, Karen (2 of 4) AWF.001.01453.01
Taylor, Karen (3 of 4) AWF.001.01453.02
Taylor, Karen (4 of 4) AWF.001.01453.03
Tscharke, Kathryn AWF.001.01880
Victorian Government AWF.001.04534.01