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Information for witnesses

If a person is required to give evidence at the Royal Commission, it is usual practice for the Commission to issue a summons to that person.

Prior to giving evidence, witnesses will be contacted by the Royal Commission and provided with information about claiming expenses and travel assistance.

Witnesses to the Royal Commission are able to access support, including:

  • Information to help witnesses, carers and family members navigate the hearing process including etiquette and consultation about special requirements to assist access to hearings
  • Confidential counselling before and after attendance at the hearing
  • Tours prior to or on the day of the hearing to familiarise and orientate with the hearing room and general procedure
  • Meeting with witnesses on the day of the hearing to assist and support.

Our counsellors specialise in preparing and supporting people to tell their story to the best of their ability in what most people consider to be a daunting experience.

A person who is summoned to attend and give evidence before the Commission is allowed to be legally represented while he or she is giving evidence.

Legal financial assistance may be available for reasonable legal representation and disbursements costs. Legal financial assistance may also be available where a person is requested to attend an interview with the Royal Commission, requested to provide a written statement or issued with a notice to produce.

Information on legal financial assistance for people engaging with the Royal Commission is available on the Attorney-General Department's website. The Financial Assistance Section in the Attorney-General's Department can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 1800 117 995.

To read more about available support services, visit our Support page.