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Melbourne Hearing 4

Mental health, oral health and allied health care

Melbourne Hearing 4 will inquire into how mental health, oral health and allied health care could be improved for people accessing aged care services.

Date: 15 – 17 July 2020 
Location: There will be no public access. Please follow the hearing on the live webcast.
Time: 10:00am local time

Areas to be considered include

  • increased funding and/or alternative funding models
  • incentives for health care professionals to provide services at an individual’s place of residence
  • increased training for aged care workers
  • clarifying responsibilities of approved providers and implementing performance measures or performance indicators

Leave to appear

Applications for leave to appear at the public hearing from anyone who considers that they have a direct and substantial interest in the matters that will be examined at the public hearing must be received by 5pm (ACST) on Friday 26 June 2020. Anyone who applied for leave to appear at Adelaide Hearing 5 is not required to make an application for leave to appear at this public hearing. Those applications will be considered.

Individuals who have been invited or required to give evidence at the public hearing are invited to make an application for leave to appear. Any application for leave to appear will be determined in accordance with Practice Guideline 3 and must be made using the Royal Commission’s application form.

Practice Guideline 3 and the application for leave to appear form are available for download below:

Further assistance

If you are having difficulty viewing any of the documents on this page, or require an accessible format, please email

If you are unable to communicate via email please phone the Royal Commission on 1800 960 711 to make alternative arrangements.

live webcast of the hearing will be available.



To see a full list of all exhibits tendered to the Royal Commission please visit the Document Library.


The Royal Commission will publish its reports and other papers as they become available.  A range of research papers, background papers and related publications are also available.