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Perth hearing to inquire into person-centred care

The Royal Commission's hearings in Western Australia will continue with a public hearing in Perth from Monday 24 June 2019 to Friday 28 June 2019.

At this hearing the Commission will inquire into person-centred care. Evidence will be heard on whether aged care services are being delivered with such care in mind and how a person accessing care can exercise choice.

Specifically, the Royal Commission will inquire into:

  • how aged care services can be provided in a way which is person-centred, including care which values the identity, experience and autonomy of the person accessing care and promotes choice and control
  • the factors that influence whether aged care services are delivered in a person-centred manner, including:
  • the relationships between the person accessing care, people providing support (including family and other members of the community) and the service provider
  • broader societal attitudes towards older people
  • the perspective and experience of people who access aged care, including the ways in which aged care services are, or are not, person-centred
  • good practice care models for providing person-centred aged care
  • the role of advance care planning to support the provision of quality aged care services
  • the extent to which people accessing aged care services are able to access palliative care
  • the quality of palliative care services available to people accessing aged care services

The Royal Commission will hear from a range of witnesses, including those with direct personal experience, service providers and several experts. The Royal Commission will also consider two case studies.

As part of its focus on person-centred care the Royal Commission will inquire into the care delivered to Mr Clarence Hausler at the Mitcham Residential Care Facility, a facility owned by Japara Healthcare Limited. The hearing will focus on Japara's response to concerns raised by Mr Hausler's daughter, Ms Noleen Hausler, about her father's treatment at Mitcham.

Ms Hausler will tell the Royal Commission that in 2015 she became concerned about her father's safety and wellbeing at Mitcham. She installed a 'covert camera' in her father's room. That camera recorded a care worker physically assaulting Mr Hausler. The care worker was subsequently sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment following a plea of guilty in relation to two counts of assault.

The Chief Executive Officer of Japara will be asked about Japara's response to these matters.  

Issues of palliative care will be explored through a case study involving palliative care delivered at Alkira Gardens, a residential aged care facility operated by the Sisters of Our Lady of China Health Care Pty Limited. Ms Shannon Ruddock will tell the Royal Commission about what she considers to be the sub-standard palliative care delivered to her father, Mr Vincent Paranthoiene.

The Perth hearing will be held at the Commonwealth Law Courts, 1 Victoria Avenue, Perth, and will begin at 9.30am. For more information about the hearing consult the Hearings page on our website.

Proceedings can be viewed or listened to using the webcast on the Royal Commission website. Hearing transcripts will also be available at the end of each hearing day.

The Royal Commission released Advance care planning in Australia: Background Paper 5 yesterday.