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Royal Commission to hold first community forums

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety wants to hear from the Australian community about their experiences of and ideas about aged care. In addition to submissions and hearings, the Commission will undertake a series of community forums, roundtable meetings with experts, and site visits during the course of its inquiry into aged care delivery in Australia.

The community forums will be held in a number of metropolitan and regional locations around the country. They will be an opportunity for members of the public to hear about the work of the Commission and to offer their ideas on the challenges and strengths of, and the opportunities to improve, aged care.

The first community forums will be held in Bankstown in Sydney on Friday 1 March 2019 and in Bendigo in Victoria on Tuesday 5 March 2019. Commissioner Lynelle Briggs AO will be present at both. Further details of both forums are available on the website.

Members of the public can register for free to attend the forums where a limited number of the public will be able to make a brief statement.
Media are welcome to attend the community forums but only as observers which means no audio or video recording, no photography and no questions.

Also, we ask media to not quote directly or identify members of the public who speak at the forum.

We ask media to observe these requirements so that members of the public feel they can speak freely during the forum.

Site visits will enable the Commission to see a range of diverse care settings and services provided to older Australians. Visits are intended to provide a broad context for the variety of ways in which services are delivered.

Roundtables will provide an opportunity for the Commission to hear expert views about specific issues within its terms of reference. Attendance to roundtables will be by invitation.

There will be no media access to either site visits or roundtables.