Royal Commission hearings in 2020

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will hold a series of hearings during the first half of 2020.

The first hearing will be conducted as a workshop and will focus on the redesign of the aged care system. It will be held in Adelaide on Monday 10 February and Tuesday 11 February 2020. This workshop follows the release in December 2019 of Consultation Paper 1 on program redesign, a call for submissions in response to that paper and consultation with stakeholders and experts in preparation for the workshop.

The workshop will be held at Adelaide Convention Centre from 10.00am (ACDT). For more information visit our Workshops page.

Members of the public and the media are welcome to attend. However, seating will be limited.

Those who are interested are encouraged to follow the proceedings through a live webcast on the Royal Commission’s website. A transcript of the workshop will be published on the website.

About the workshops

Hearings in the form of workshops will be used to gather evidence from witnesses in a less formal setting than the public hearings held in 2019. Workshops will not be held in a hearing room or court-like setting. Workshops may involve multiple sessions over several days.

Counsel Assisting will facilitate discussion between workshop participants. The Commissioners will moderate the proceedings.

Participants will be selected on the basis of their experience or expertise, their submissions to the Royal Commission, or past engagement with the Royal Commission. Participation in workshops is by invitation only. A list of participants will be published on the website before each workshop.

Workshops are designed to help test propositions in the lead up to the development and finalisation of the recommendations that the Commissioners will make in their final report in November 2020.

24 January 2020.​​​