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FAQ on Aged Care Approved Provider Information Request

  • Fact sheet
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As part of the commencement phase of the Royal Commission, the Commissioners were keen to engage with aged care approved providers as early as possible to gather information which may inform the Commission's direction and assist its deliberations.

The approved providers under the Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) (Aged Care Act) were invited by the Commissioners to make an early written submission to the Commission in relation to each aged care service or outlet they operate. As part of this submission, the Commissioners requested that the providers complete a detailed survey.

The Royal Commission prepared this document to assist providers in responding to the Commissioners' request for information.

The purpose of the request was to seek information on a number of specific matters and to give providers an opportunity to identify what areas they think need to be changed and how those areas might be changed.

Where providers operate more than one service or outlet, providers were asked to respond separately in relation to each service or outlet.