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General submissions closed on 31 July 2020

Translated information about the Royal Commission is available.

Contact the Royal Commission

You can contact the Royal Commission in the following ways:

  • Mail  GPO Box 1151, ADELAIDE  SA 5001 (in English or any other language)
  • Call 1800 960 711 (between 8:30am - 5:30pm ACDT, Monday-Friday except on public holidays. Interpreter service is available.)
  • Email (in English or any other language)

Important: If you prefer to speak or write in your own language, please advise the Royal Commission the language you wish to use.

The Royal Commission will provide an interpreter or translation into English, at no cost to you.

If you want to raise concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government, you may wish to contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission- external site.

How public submissions will be used

The information you give will help the Royal Commission with its work and will be used only for the purposes of the Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission may contact some individuals or entities that make submissions. The Royal Commission will not contact everyone who makes a submission, but will ensure that all submissions are recorded, reviewed and used to inform the Royal Commission's work.

The information you provide may be published by the Royal Commission during its proceedings or in its reports without revealing the identity of the person or entity who supplied the information. At the conclusion of the Royal Commission, all of its records, including submissions, will become subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act). Royal Commissions are not subject to the FOI Act while they are in operation.

Thank you

We thank you for making a submission and for assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety with its work.

It is not possible for the Royal Commission to follow up every submission it receives. However, every submission will be recorded and reviewed.