Workforce submissions

Following the third Melbourne hearing, which focused on workforce issues, the Royal Commission seeks written submissions on policy issues relating to:

  • methods for determining and implementing the minimum staffing levels and appropriate skills mix for aged care services, including for nursing, personal care, allied health and others
  • who should be covered by a registration scheme for non-clinical staff in aged care, and how such a scheme might be implemented, administered and funded
  • options to resolve low remuneration and poor working conditions, including how the remuneration and working conditions of aged care workers can be aligned with their counterparts in the health and disability sectors
  • how to raise the overall skill, knowledge and competencies of all care staff (existing and new entrants) in working with vulnerable people , especially those with age related conditions and illnesses
  • how to ensure service providers develop a culture of strong governance and workforce leadership, and
  • any institutional changes needed to ensure that the Commonwealth fills its role as the system steward and exercises leadership in workforce planning, development and remuneration. 

Submissions should be made to

You can also:

  • write to the Royal Commission at GPO Box 1151 Adelaide SA 5001 or
  • telephone 1800 960 711 (between 8:00am-6:30pm ACDT Monday-Friday except on public holidays. Interpreter service available).

These policy submissions will be accepted until close of business on Friday, 6 December 2019

We anticipate the policy submissions will be published on the website.  However, the Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish submissions or to redact information in submissions before publication. 

If your submission is of a more general nature, or relates to other concerns in addition to workforce issues specifically, then please go to our Submissions page and follow the instructions for making a submission. The Royal Commission will continue to accept general submissions until the end of April 2020.