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Consultation Paper 1 submissions

Set out below is a selection of the submissions that were received from organisations and individuals addressing key questions raised in Consultation Paper 1.

The Royal Commission has received a number of submissions on redesign of the aged care system, following a request for submissions made by the Commissioners in Consultation Paper 1. Some information has been redacted by the Royal Commission.

These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them.

The Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission. This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the issues in question, where matters are subject to a non-publication order or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

Date Submitted by Document
Access Care Network Australia AWF.660.00093.0001
ACSA AWF.660.00170.0001
Adelaide Hills Council AWF.660.00016.0001
Aged Care Assessment Service Victoria AWF.660.00119.0001
Aged Care Crisis AWF.660.00070.0001
Aged Care Industry Association AWF.660.00101.0001
Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council AWF.660.00116.0001
Aged Care Sector Committee Diversity Sub Group AWF.660.00153.0001
Aged Care Workforce Industry Council AWF.660.00072.0001
Allied Health Professions Australia AWF.660.00081.0001
Alwyndor Aged Care AWF.660.00075.0001
Amana Living AWF.660.00159.0001
Anglicare Australia AWF.660.00145.0001
APM Assessment Services AWF.660.00122.0001
Associate Professor Joachim Sturmberg AWF.660.00092.0001
Associate Professor Kate Laver; Dr Jacqueline Wesson, Dr Clare O'Connor; Professor Lindy Clemson AWF.660.00026.0001
Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine AWF.660.00123.0001
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care AWF.660.00050.0001
Australian Community Transport Association AWF.660.00080.0001
Australian Council of Deans of Health Sciences AWF.660.00090.0001
Australian Council of Deans of Health Sciences AWF.660.00090.0002
Australian Dental Association AWF.660.00141
Australian Dental Association NSW AWF.660.00021.0001
Australian Dental Association NSW & Others AWF.660.00021.0002
Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong AWF.660.00183.0001
Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association AWF.660.00018.0001
Australian Healthy Ageing Organisation AWF.660.00067.0001
Australian Lawyers Alliance AWF.660.00064.0001
Australian Multicultural Community Services AWF.660.00097.0001
Australian Music Therapy Association AWF.660.00087.0001
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation AWF.660.00041.0001
Australian Physiotherapy Association AWF.660.00039.0001
Australian War Widows NSW Ltd AWF.660.00036.0001
Baptist Care Australia AWF.660.00077.0001
Baptist Care Australia AWF.660.00077.0002
Bolton Clarke AWF.660.00068.0001
Bupa Aged Care Australia Pty Ltd AWF.660.00151.0001
Campbelltown City Council AWF.660.00111.0002
Candour Care AWF.660.00165.0001
Care Connect AWF.660.00012.0001
Carers Australia AWF.660.00042.0001
Carers NSW Australia AWF.660.00104.0001
Caroline Counselling for Change AWF.660.00031.0001
Catalyst Health REIT AWF.660.00037.0001
Catholic Health Australia AWF.660.00040.0001
Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network AWF.660.00135.0002
Checked in Care AWF.660.00024.0002
City of Boroondara AWF.660.00127.0001
City of Holdfast Bay AWF.660.00161.0001
City of Marion AWF.660.00120.0001
City of Playford AWF.660.00015.0001
City of Port Phillip Older Persons' Consultative Committee AWF.660.00011.0001
City of Whittlesea AWF.660.00065.0001
Cleared Life Vetting Agency AWF.660.00002
Clinical Associate John Cullen and Professor Vasi Naganathan AWF.660.00149.0001
Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association AWF.660.00109.0001
Commonwealth of Australia AWF.660.00167.0002
Community Transport Organisation Inc AWF.660.00125.0001
Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc AWF.660.00079.0001
Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc AWF.660.00079.0002
Community Vision AWF.660.00056.0003
Consumer Policy Research Centre AWF.660.00084.0001
Consumer Policy Research Centre AWF.660.00084.0002
COTA Australia AWF.660.00131.0001
Craig Cross AWF.660.00148.0001
Darebin City Council AWF.660.00099.0001
Darwin Community Legal Service AWF.660.00047.0003
DCM Media AWF.660.00074.0001
De-identified AWF.660.00130.0001
Dementia Australia AWF.660.00162.0001
Dieticians Association of Australia AWF.660.00023.0001
Dr Julie Gross McAdam AWF.660.00020.0001
Dr Louise Willans Floyd AWF.660.00003.0001
Dr Matthew Hutchinson AWF.660.00083.0001
Dr Megan Alle AWF.660.00022
Dr Mike Rungie AWF.660.00060.0001
Dr Wendi Kruger AWF.660.00142.0001
Eacham Community Help Organisation Inc; Ravenshoe Community Centre Inc AWF.660.00057.0001
ECHO Community Services AWF.660.00164.0001
Emprevo AWF.660.00137.0001
Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria AWF.660.00071.0001
Evergreen Life Care AWF.660.00157.0001
EveryAGE Counts AWF.660.00171.0001
Exercise & Sports Science Australia AWF.660.00154.0001
Family Based Care Tasmania AWF.660.00025.0001
Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia AWF.660.00155.0001
Five Good Friends AWF.660.00140.0001
Flinders University, College of Nursing and Health Sciences AWF.660.00152.0001
Fortis Consulting AWF.660.00166.0001
Fronditha Care AWF.660.00006.0001
HammondCare AWF.660.00055.0001
Home Instead Senior Care AWF.660.00033.0002
Housing for the Aged Action Group Inc AWF.660.00106.0001
Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network AWF.660.00044.0002
Hunter Primary Care AWF.660.00044.0001
Inner Sydney Voice AWF.660.00048.0001
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0004
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0005
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0006
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0007
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0008
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0009
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0001
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0002
Johnson Village Services AWF.660.00076.0003
Julie Fraser AWF.660.00144.0001
Kurri Kurri Community Services AWF.660.00113.0001
LASA AWF.660.00174.0001
Lifeview AWF.660.00061.0001
Local Government Association of South Australia AWF.660.00010.0001
Local Government Association of South Australia AWF.660.00010.0002
Macular Disease Foundation Australia AWF.660.00172.0001
Meals on Wheels Australia AWF.660.00126.0001
Meaningful Ageing Australia AWF.660.00105.0001
Micare Ltd AWF.660.00086.0001
Mission Australia AWF.660.00169.0001
Monash Health Community AWF.660.00094.0001
Mr Athanasios Koumoukelis AWF.660.00133.0001
Mr Barry Arnott AWF.660.00029.0001
Mr Duncan Rutherford AWF.660.00045.0001
Mr Glenn Rees AWF.660.00043.0001
Mr Hugh Barber RN AWF.660.00054.0001
Mr James Ayliffe AWF.660.00007.0001
Mr James Ayliffe AWF.660.00007.0002
Mr Josh Cohen; Ms Mary Kearns AWF.660.00019.0001
Mr Ken Woodhouse AWF.660.00100
Mr Mark Cooper-Stanbury AWF.660.00088.0001
Mr Norbert Walther AWF.660.00163.0001
Mr Paul Wildman AWF.660.00004.0001
Mrs Jan Corcoran AWF.660.00001
Ms Anne Smith AWF.660.00014.0001
Ms Carmen Sanchez AWF.660.00110.0001
Ms Clare Byrne AWF.660.00058.0001
Ms Elaine Godden; Ms Shirley Butterworth AWF.660.00013.0001
Ms Genevene Hall AWF.660.00053.0001
Ms Jane Clark AWF.660.00168
Ms Jennifer Henderson AWF.660.00124
Ms Kendall Lane AWF.660.00091.0001
Ms Maria Berry AWF.660.00128
Ms Maria Berry AWF.660.00128.0001
Ms Maria Cheng AWF.660.00096.0001
Ms Merran Cooper AWF.660.00009
Ms Sandra Frese Ms Jeannette Jarick Mr Owen Lambert Dr Shikha Jain Ms Lisa Usher AWF.660.00085.0001
Ms Tiffany Nurk AWF.660.00008.0001
Ms Wendy Hall AWF.660.00118.0001
Multicultural Aged Care Inc. AWF.660.00156.0001
Municipal Association of Victoria AWF.660.00098.0001
Municipal Association of Victoria AWF.660.00098.0002
MVA Bennett AWF.660.00028
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACHHO) AWF.660.00185.0001
National LGBTI Health Alliance AWF.660.00114.0001
National Seniors Australia AWF.660.00030.0001
Northern Metropolitan Region Local Government Authorities Victoria AWF.660.00078.0001
Northern Metropolitan Region Local Government Authorities Victoria AWF.660.00078.0002
Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission AWF.660.00046.0001
Northern Territory Office of the Public Guardian AWF.660.00035.0001
NSW Dementia Delirium CNC Network AWF.660.00143.0001
Older Persons Advocacy Network AWF.660.00108.0001
Older Women's Network NSW AWF.660.00139.0001
Onkaparinga City Council AWF.660.00082.0001
Palliative Care Australia AWF.660.00073.0001
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia AWF.660.00034.0001
Pingelly Somerset Alliance Inc AWF.660.00032.0001
Pingelly Somerset Alliance Inc AWF.660.00032.0002
PRONIA AWF.660.00136.0001
Queensland Health AWF.660.00134.0001
Queensland Health AWF.660.00134.0002
Regis Healthcare AWF.660.00115.0001
Research Analytics and People & Culture Solutions AWF.660.00049.0001
RFBI AWF.660.00112.0001
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners AWF.660.00027.0001
Silverchain AWF.660.00095.0001
South Australian Community Transport Association AWF.660.00017.0001
Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & Vic) Inc AWF.660.00138.0001
Spectrum AWF.660.00150.0001
Speech Pathology Australia AWF.660.00089.0001
Sydney North Health Network AWF.660.00102.0001
Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc AWF.660.00062.0003
The Australian Pain Society AWF.660.00052.0001
The Men's Shed of WA AWF.660.00176.0001
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia AWF.660.00175.0001
The University of Newcastle AWF.660.00129.0001
The University of Newcastle AWF.660.00063.0001
TransitCare AWF.660.00038.0002
Uniting NSW / ACT AWF.660.00117.0001
UnitingCare Australia AWF.660.00147.0001
UnitingCare Australia AWF.660.00147.0002
Vision Australia AWF.660.00103.0001
Ward MM AWF.660.00069.0001
Wintringham AWF.660.00066.0001
Wounds Australia AWF.660.00160.0001
Wyndham City Council AWF.660.00051.0001