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COVID-19 submissions

Submissions on the impact of COVID-19 and in response to the matters examined in the hearing on COVID-19 closed on Friday, 4 September 2020.

Submissions addressed the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in aged care, and what can be learned from this experience for responding to future pandemics, infectious disease outbreaks or other emergencies.

Set out below is a selection of these submissions that were received.
These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commissioners and without any comment by the Royal Commissioners on the material contained in them.

The Royal Commissioners reserve the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission. This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the issues in question, where matters are subject to a non-publication order or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

Date Submitted by Document
Access Care Network Australia AWF.600.02091.0001
Advance Care Planning Australia AWF.600.02368.0001
Anonymous AWF.600.01886.0001
Anonymous AWF.001.05102
Anonymous AWF.001.05105
Anonymous AWF.001.05108
Anonymous AWF.001.05123
Anonymous AWF.001.05199
Anonymous AWF.001.05339
Anonymous AWF.001.05424
Anonymous AWF.001.05503.01
Anonymous AWF.600.01710.0001
Anonymous AWF.600.02262
Anonymous AWF.600.02280.0001
Australian College of Care Workers (ACCW) AWF.600.02133
Australian College of Nurse Practitioners AWF.600.02162.0001
Azzopardi, Danielle AWF.001.05143
Bendigo Health Care Group AWF.600.02039.0001
Bennett, Charlise, Bromley, Kim, Diversional and Recreation Therapy Australia AWF.600.02128.0001
Bethesda Health Care AWF.600.01683.0001
Boland, Peter, Prome Consultancy AWF.600.02190.0001
Bolton Clarke AWF.600.01738.0001
Braithwaite, John , Braithwaite, Valerie, Makkai, Toni AWF.600.02132.0001
Brown, Nicholas, Aged Care Guild AWF.600.02391.0001
Burton, Deborah AWF.001.05185
Carers NSW AWF.600.02117.0001
Clinnick, Lisa, Associate Prof, Public Sector Residential Aged Care Leadership Committee AWF.600.02130.0002
Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) AWF.600.01806.0002
COVID Safe Elders Group AWF.600.01699.0001
Croft, Graeme, Director, Signature Care Pty Ltd AWF.600.02179.0001
Dementia Australia AWF.600.02112.0001
Dementia Reframed AWF.800.02665.0001
Dietitians Australia AWF.600.01736.0001
Duncan, Alan, Prof, Mavisakalyan, Astghik A/Prof, Seymour, Richard, Dr, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, Curtin Business School, Curtin University AWF.600.02397.0001
Ear Science Australia AWF.001.05519.01
Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital, West Wimmera Health Service and Stawell Regional Health AWF.600.02129.0001_0001_E
EveryAGE Counts AWF.600.01801.0001
Fine, Michael Professor, Macquarie University AWF.600.02175.0001
Government of Western Australian, Department of Health AWF.600.02382.0001
Grattan Institute AWF.600.02168.0001
Groombridge, Leanne, Advocacy Tasmania AWF.600.02198.0001
Gross McAdam, Julie Dr AWF.600.02358.0001
Hadjitelemachou, Matthew (1 of 2) AWF.001.05432
Hadjitelemachou, Matthew (2 of 2) AWF.001.05432.00_0004_E
Hillen, Jodie, Dr, Ward Medication Management, Victoria, Australia AWF.600.02110.0001
Hobbins, Ngaire AWF.600.02140_0001_E
Homeshare Australia & New Zealand Alliance Inc (HANZA) AWF.001.05625.01
Human Rights Watch AWF.600.02115.0001
Joint submission: Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association, Dementia Alliance International, Dementia Reframed, Seniors Rights Service, Older Women's Network NSW Inc, Elaine Todd, Kate Swaffer and Dr Sarah Russell. AWF.800.02683.0001
Kelly, Jackie, Chief Executive Officer, Moyne Health Service AWF.600.02138.0001
Kramarzewski, Andrew AWF.001.05186
LHI Retirement Services AWF.600.01870.0001
National LGBTI Health Alliance AWF.600.01827.0001
National Seniors Australia AWF.600.02388.0001
National Seniors Australia AWF.600.02286.0001
National Seniors Australia AWF.600.02286.0002
Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria) AWF.600.01749.0001
Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria AWF.001.05568.00
Older Women's Network NSW AWF.900.00762.0001
OPCAT (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) Network AWF.800.02390.0001
Palliative Care Australia AWF.600.02107.0001
Pellicano, Maria AWF.001.05283
Pigatto, Mara AWF.001.05043
Relationships Australia AWF.600.02078.0001
RSL LifeCare Limited AWF.600.02120.0007
Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA) AWF.600.02360.0001
Schismenos Spyros , Buhler Cymbeline , Gurung Supriya, Wali Nidhi , Ball Charles , Gannon Susanne , Stevens Garry J. , Horsfall Debbie and Georgeou Nichole AWF.600.02383.0001
Silver Chain Group AWF.600.02209.0001
Swinburne University of Technology AWF.001.05455.01
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) AWF.600.02150.0001
Uniting NSW ACT AWF.800.02314.0001
UnitingCare Australia AWF.600.02210.0001
Victorian Healthcare Association AWF.600.02362.0001
Victorian Metro Public Health Nursing Midwifery Executive Group AWF.600.02281.0001
Watson, Mary AWF.001.05376