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Program design submissions

In response to the request for submissions following Counsel Assisting's submission on Program Design made on 4 March 2020, the Royal Commission has received a range of submissions from organisations and individuals.

Set out below is a selection of these submissions that were received.

These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commissioners and without any comment by the Royal Commissioners on the material contained in them.

The Royal Commissioners reserve the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission. This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the issues in question, where matters are subject to a non-publication order or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

Date Submitted by Document
Access Care Network Australia (ACNA) AWF.665.00003.0001
Advanced Personnel Management (APM) AWF.665.00011.0001
AdventCare AWF.665.00007.0001
Aged Care Crisis Inc AWF.665.00018.0001
Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) AWF.665.00023.0001
Anglicare Australia Network AWF.665.00017.0001
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) AWF.665.00020.0001
Care Connect Ltd AWF.600.02156.0001
Carers NSW AWF.665.00016.0001
City of Whittlesea AWF.665.00021.0001
Commonwealth Department of Health AWF.665.00024.0002
Dementia Australia AWF.665.00010.0001
Duncan, Cathy (1 of 2) AWF.665.00022.0001
Duncan, Cathy (2 of 2) AWF.665.00022.0002
Eagar, Professor Kathy AWF.665.00001.0001
Exercise & Sports Science Australia AWF.665.00008.0001
Johnson Village Services Pty Ltd AWF.665.00009.0001
Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) AWF.665.00026
MiCare AWF.665.00012.0001
Older Womens Network NSW AWF.665.00019.0001
Opal Aged Care AWF.665.00013.0001
Palliative Care Australia AWF.665.00005.0001
Rees AM, Glenn AWF.665.00006.0001
Regis Healthcare AWF.665.00014.0001
Silver Chain Group AWF.665.00004.0001
Thorpe, Dr Max AWF.665.00002.0001
UnitingCare Australia AWF.665.00015.0001