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General submissions received April 2019

The Royal Commission received the following submissions during April 2019. These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Royal Commission and without any comment by the Royal Commission on the material contained in them.

The Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish certain submissions or to redact information within a submission. This includes circumstances where the information is not relevant to the issues in question, where matters are subject to a non-publication order or where there are privacy concerns about the information included.

For more information about general submissions received by the Royal Commission see the general submissions page.

Date Submitted by Document
Anonymous AWF.001.02014
Anonymous AWF.001.02094
Anonymous AWF.001.02122
Anonymous AWF.500.00176.0001_0002_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01875
Anonymous AWF.500.00180.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01887
Anonymous AWF.500.00181.0001
Anonymous AWF.001.01906
Anonymous AWF.001.01918
Anonymous AWF.500.00184.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01922
Anonymous AWF.500.00187.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01945
Anonymous AWF.500.00188.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01954
Anonymous AWF.001.01955
Anonymous AWF.001.01963
Anonymous AWF.900.00707_0001_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01990
Anonymous AWF.001.01993
Anonymous AWF.001.01999
Anonymous AWF.950.00057_0001_E
Anonymous AWF.950.00067_0002_E
Anonymous AWF.001.02011.00_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01891_0001_E
Anonymous AWF.001.01934
Anonymous AWF.500.00183 (1 of 2) AWF.500.00183.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.500.00183 (2 of 2) AWF.500.00183.0002
Anonymous AWF.500.00189 (1 of 2) AWF.500.00189.0002
Anonymous AWF.500.00189 (2 of 2) AWF.500.00189.0001_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.500.00208 (1 of 2) AWF.500.00208.0002
Anonymous AWF.500.00208 (2 of 2) AWF.500.00208.0001
Anonymous AWF.500.00213 (1 of 2) AWF.500.00213.0002_0004_E
Anonymous AWF.500.00213 (2 of 2) AWF.500.00213.0001
Balding, Catherine AWF.001.02104
Banks, Susan AWF.001.02103.01
Bombardieri, Pietro AWF.001.02007
Bunney, Carolyn AWF.950.00054_0001_E
Collis, Robyn AWF.500.00178.0001
Crowe, Jennifer & Donkin, Sue (1 of 2) AWF.001.02046
Crowe, Jennifer & Donkin, Sue (2 of 2) AWF.001.02046.01
Di Benedetto, Rose AWF.001.02121.01
Dobe, Denis AWF.001.01959
Evans, Brenda Sue AWF.001.01893
Independent Living Centre WA (1 of 2) AWF.001.01870
Independent Living Centre WA (2 of 2) AWF.001.01870.01
Jackson, Penelope AWF.950.00056
Lynn, Margaret AWF.001.01901
Macfarlane, David AWF.001.01982
Macri, Julie AWF.001.02026
Madigan, Lindy AWF.001.02060
May, David AWF.001.01956
McLean, Laura AWF.500.00203.0001_0004_E
Newell, Ian AWF.100.00045_0004_E
O'Callaghan, Robyn (1 of 2) AWF.001.02078
O'Callaghan, Robyn (2 of 2) AWF.001.02078.00
Reid, Alexander AWF.001.01989
Retired Unionists Network of ACTU AWF.001.01969
Scouller, Rebecca AWF.001.02010
Seaholme, Jane AWF.001.01939.01_0001_E
Sheppard, Stephen AWF.001.01902
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia AWF.500.00190.0001_0004_E
Stark, Francis AWF.001.01962
Tava, Malakai AWF.001.01886
Thorpe, Rebecca AWF.001.02076